The enrollment process secures a connection between Tizen devices and your AirWatch environment. The AirWatch Agent is the application that facilitates enrollment and allows for real-time management and access to relevant device information.

Tizen devices use the Enrollment URL to first check and then download the AirWatch Agent. The AirWatch Agent provides a single resource to enroll a device as well as provides device and connection details. Additionally, the enrollment process allows you to:

  • Authenticate users using basic or directory services, such as AD/LDAP/Domino, SAML, tokens or proxies.
  • Authenticate users using pass through authentication using Single Sign On.

  • Register devices in bulk or allow users to self-register.
  • Stage devices for both standard and advanced single users.
  • Define approved OS versions, models and maximum number of devices per user.

To enroll a device using the AirWatch Agent:

  1. Navigate to from your browser.

    AirWatch automatically detects if the AirWatch Agent is installed on your device and, if it is not, redirects you to the App Store to download it. You can also send the enrollment URL to devices using SMS text message.

  2. Download and install the AirWatch Agent from the App Store, if needed.
  3. Launch the AirWatch Agent or return to your browser session to continue enrollment.

    • If you have configured email autodiscovery, then it prompts you for your email address. In addition, you may be prompted to select your Group ID from a list.
    • If you have not configured email autodiscovery, then it will prompt you for the Enrollment URL and a Group ID.
  4. Enter your username and password.
  1. Follow the remaining prompts to complete enrollment.

    You may be notified at this time if your user account is not allowed or blocked because your account is blacklisted and not approved for enrollment.

For additional details about configuring enrollment options, refer to the Enrollment section of the VMware AirWatch Mobile Device Management Guide, available on AirWatch Resources.