Administrators can enroll devices on behalf of users in a process called device staging. Staging devices serves to streamline the process of registration and to enroll iOS devices shared by multiple users. You can also stage devices to provision an entire device fleet quickly with Apple Configurator.

Consideration #1: Use of Device Staging

Unless you are using Apple Configurator, administrators must stage devices one-by-one. For large deployments, consider the time and staffing this effort requires.

Whereas administrators can stage new devices easily, employees already using corporate-owned devices must ship devices in or collect them on-site to have devices staged.

If you have thousands of devices to pre-enroll, device staging can take time. Therefore it works best when you have a new batch of devices being provisioned, since you can gain access to the devices before employees receive them.

Device staging can be performed for Android, Windows Phone, and iOS devices in following ways.

  • Single User (Standard) – Used when you are staging a device which any user can enroll.
  • Single User (Advanced) – Used when you are staging and enrolling a device for a particular user.
  • Multi User – Used when you are staging a device to be shared among multiple users.

Windows Phone currently only supports single user device staging.

Consideration #2: Are You Participating in Apple's Device Enrollment Program?

To maximize the benefits of Apple devices enrolled in Mobile Device Management (MDM), Apple has introduced the Device Enrollment Program (DEP). With DEP, you can perform the following.

  • Install a non-removable MDM profile on a device, preventing end users from being able to delete it.
  • Provision devices in Supervised mode (iOS only). Devices in Supervised mode can access additional security and configuration settings.
  • Enforce an enrollment for all end users.
  • Meet your organization's needs by customizing and streamline the enrollment process.
  • Prevent iCloud back up by disabling users from signing in with their Apple ID when generating a DEP profile.
  • Force OS updates for all end users.

For more information, see the Apple Business Support Portal portal or the Apple Device Enrollment Program Guide, or contact your Apple representative.

Consideration #3: Use of Apple Configurator

Apple Configurator enables IT administrators to deploy and manage Apple iOS devices effectively. Organizations such as retail stores, classrooms, and hospitals find it especially useful to pre-enroll devices for multiple end users to share.

Using Configurator to enroll pre-registered devices meant for a single user is supported by adding serial number/IMEI information to a user's registered device in the Console. A major benefit of Apple Configurator is that you can use a USB hub or iOS device cart to provision multiple devices in minutes.

For more information about Apple Configurator, See Generate the MDM Enrollment Profile or Enrollment URL.