Enterprise Reset enables you to reset a device similar to an enterprise wipe, but with one important difference. Profiles and files/actions set to persist on a device are not removed and automatically reinstall on a device following the first reboot after an enterprise reset.

Enterprise Reset is only available for Windows Rugged Devices and Android Motorola and Zebra devices

To use an Enterprise Reset, follow the steps detailed below:

  1. Navigate to Devices > List View and select a device you want to Enterprise Reset.
  2. On the Device Details View, select the More option ( Prod_Prov_More) to bring up an expanded list of management options.

  3. Select Enterprise Reset.
  4. Enter your Security Pin in the Restrict Action prompt to perform the Enterprise Reset.

Enterprise Reset cannot run on devices with low battery levels. If you attempt an Enterprise Reset on a device with low battery level, a warning displays alerting to you about potential issues with the Enterprise Reset.