Upgrade all of your Honeywell Android Rugged devices remotely through product provisioning. Add the file/action to a product to push the upgrade to your devices without needing to manually update them.

Honeywell Android Rugged devices do not use the OS Upgrade file/action to upgrade. The Honeywell OS uses an autoinstall feature to upgrade the device.


Download the OS Update.zip from Honeywell before beginning this process.

The VMware AirWatch Service for Honeywell must be installed on the device.


To upgrade Honeywell Android Rugged device OS:

  1. Navigate to Devices > Staging & Provisioning > Components > Files/Actions and select Add. Create a file/action component. See Create a File/Action for more information.
  2. Upload the OS Update.zip to the file/action. Set the download location to /storage/IPSM/honeywell/autoinstall/.
  3. Add a Reboot action in the file/action install manifest.
  4. Create a product including the file/action you created and push the product to your Honeywell devices.

When the device processes the product job, the file is installed into the download location. When the device reboots, the OS autoinstalls the .zip file and upgrades the device.