XML provisioning allows you to download a custom-designed MobileConfig file to a device in a provisioning product. After the file is downloaded, it executes a run command to extract the settings from the MobileConfig file and install them on the device.

  1. Navigate to Devices > Staging & Provisioning > Components > Files/Actions and select Add.
  2. Select your platform.
  3. Enter the required settings on the General tab, then select the Files tab and upload the desired XML file and enter the destination path on the device.
  4. Select the Files tab. Select Add Files and add the MobileConfig file. Complete all the required settings.
  5. Select the Manifest tab. Select Add Action under Install Manifest.
  6. Select Run as the Action to Perform.
  7. Enter the command appropriate for the MobileConfig file.

  8. Select Save.
  9. Navigate to Devices > Products > List View > Add.
  10. Select your platform.
  11. Enter the General information.
  12. Select the Manifest tab.
  13. Select Install Files/Actions and choose the file/action just created.
  14. Save and Activate the product.

The product downloads to all assigned devices and the XML file should successfully install.