You can filter out entire categories of devices by using the available filters. These filters enable you to view only those devices you are interested in.

  • Management.
  • Ownership.
  • Smart Groups.
  • User Groups.
  • Device Type (Platform, OS Version which is dependent upon choice of platform).
  • Security (Compromised, Encryption, Passcode).
  • Status (Enrollment Status, Last Seen, Compliance, Enrollment History).
  • Advanced.
    • MAC Address – Filter by the media access control address of a device.
    • IP Range – Filter devices by their currently assigned Internet protocol address.
    • Tags – View devices by their assigned tags which you can search for and select from a drop-down menu.
    • Tunnel – Choose between showing all devices connected to the tunnel and devices not connected to the tunnel.
    • Content Compliance – Choose between showing all devices, showing only those devices missing required docs, and only those devices lacking the latest version of required content.
    • Lost Mode – View all devices or only those with Lost Mode enabled. Applicable to iOS devices only. For more information, see Perform Remote Actions.

You can also search for information across all user and devices, allowing you to search for a user (for example "John Doe") or a device type.