Create a barcode to scan with your Zebra rugged devices to quickly stage the device.


You must create a staging package before you generate a barcode. See Create a Staging Package.

The staging user for the staging package must be a basic user account. Do not use staging users or multi-user staging.


To generate a barcode, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Navigate to Devices > Staging & Provisioning > Staging.

  2. Select Barcode ( Prod_Prov_Barcode) located in the menu to the right of a staging configuration.

  3. Select the Staging Options:

    Settings Descriptions
    Organization Group Select the organization group the staging package uses.
    Universal Barcode Enable to create a universal barcode enrollment so devices can be enrolled without automatically assigning an organization group. This allows you to enroll devices without needing a Barcode enrollment for each organization group. The agent prompts you to enter an organization group after beginning the staging process. Enabling this box repopulates the Staging Relay Server and Staging Profile with applicable options.
    Staging Relay Server Select the staging relay server that hosts the staging content.
    Staging Profile Select the staging Wi-Fi profile to apply to the enrolled device.
    Require Password

    Enable to create an alphanumeric passphrase (maximum 99 characters) to use to unlock the staging package encryption on the end-user device.

  4. Select the Barcode Format for the device you want to enroll.
  5. Select View PDF. This generates the barcode for end users to scan.