This section contains topics covering both AirWatch components and the various integrations AirWatch has with other third-party solutions.


Directory Services Integration

Integrate your existing directory services infrastructure with AirWatch to use existing user accounts for enrollment, assignments, and more.

Android for Work

Integrate with the Google Android for Work program to enhance your BYOD deployment.


Generate reports to track a number of facets of your AirWatch deployment. Use the reports to troubleshoot your deployment.

Certificate Management

If integration with your existing certificate management infrastructure is supported, find high-level details about the process in this section.

Apple Device Enrollment Program

Use the Apple DEP to enable further administrative control for your deployment's iOS devices.

Apple Configurator

Use Apple Configurator to place supported Apple devices in a supervised state, which enables some advanced MDM functionality.

Apple School Manager

Follow these integration steps if you plan to use Apple School Manager alongside AirWatch to support Apple devices in a classroom setting.

PowerShell Email Integration

PowerShell integration offers a simplified way of enabling policy creation to permit or deny end user access to email.

Gmail Email Integration

Integrate AirWatch with an existing Google Apps for Work infrastructure.

Windows Auto-Discovery Service

This section covers setting up the WADS, which can simplify the enrollment process for Windows end users.


Use AirWatch Analytics tools to track event messaging and analyze data about your AirWatch Deployment.