Windows Auto-Discovery provides simplified enrollment using the Workplace or Work Account native MDM client. During enrollment through the Workplace or Work Account native MDM client, the Windows Auto-Discovery service receives the domain name from an end-user's email address and provides their enrollment credentials.

This service simplifies enrollment for the end user. Windows Desktop and Windows Phone end users enter only their email address into the Workplace or Work Account native MDM client to begin the enrollment process.

You can either host your own on-premises WADS server or use the cloud-hosted deployment. Through on-premises deployment, your organization hosts all AirWatch components and servers on its internal networks. The cloud-hosted deployment means AirWatch hosts the Windows Auto-Discovery Service without the need for extra infrastructure setup and installation required in on-premises deployments.

Supported Configurations

WADS supports various enrollment methods for Windows devices.

  • Windows Phone and Windows Desktop Simplified Enrollment
  • Leveraging Server Name Indication (SNI) to support multiple domains
  • Enabling Workplace Web Enrollment for Windows Phone 8.1
  • using AirWatch Auto-Discovery to return users Group ID

This service is required to enroll Windows 8/RT devices if you are using an earlier version of AirWatch than v7.2. Beginning in release 7.2, you can choose to download an optional update for Windows 8.1/RT. For more information about this update, refer to as this update requires your device to be fully updated with all previous updates. If you download this optional update, you may ignore this guide if you do not want to use the Windows Auto-Discovery Service.