To use Knox Mobile Enrollment, you must:

  • Make sure it is available in your country.
  • Purchase devices from an approved carrier or reseller.
  • Use only Knox Mobile Enrollment supported devices.
  • Have a Knox web account with the Knox Mobile Enrollment feature enabled.

For details visit:

Enterprise accounts must be verified by Samsung. From the AirWatch Console, the only requirement is that the enrollment username and password is present, otherwise users may be prompted to enter credential information during enrollment.

Knox Mobile Enrollment is supported with all devices that have the Knox 2.4 software on them. With Mobile Enrollment, IT admins and end users can complete the following:

  1. Turn on the device from factory reset state.
  2. Connect to a preferred Wi-Fi network.
  3. Complete the setup wizard which automatically prompts the installation of the AirWatch Agent and Samsung ELM Service.


    End users may be required to provide a username and password, depending on the AirWatch console configuration


    On the Samsung Galaxy S8 devices, excluding devices on ATT network, you do not have to walk through the entire setup wizard. After you connect to Wi-fi, enrollment starts automatically and you can proceed to step 4.

  4. Enroll devices with limited to zero user interaction depending on the AirWatch Console configuration. Devices can be enrolled to an end user directly or staged so that the end user can complete enrolling the device to themselves when they receive the device.

    For more details on how to create staging users, see Stage a Single-User Device and Stage a Multi-User Device.

On Knox 2.0 supported devices, a subsequent manual browser initiation is required. See instructions on how to manually trigger enrollment at:

Once a participating device is enrolled into AirWatch, it is bound until the unique identifier is removed from the Mobile Enrollment Portal. This essentially means that the AirWatch Agent and Samsung ELM Service applications are downloaded and installed even if the device is erased or factory reset.