End users have to simply walk through device enrollment to create the Knox Container on their device.

  1. Enroll the device using the AirWatch Agent. You are promoted to authenticate with user credentials.

    For instructions on enrollment, see Enrolling an Android Device with the AirWatch Agent.

  2. Tap Continue to set AirWatch as the device administrator and tap Activate to grant permissions.

  3. Tap Activate on the AirWatch Samsung Service installation screen. A pop-up displays showing that the Knox License Key has been accepted.
  4. Tap Continue on the Grant permission page. A pop-up displays showing enrollment has been successful.
  5. Accept the Terms and Conditions of the Knox application

  6. Tap the preferred Lock Type and tap Next to set up the lock. The device proceeds to enter Knox mode, and the Knox shortcut widget is added to your home screen on the device.

    At this point, if Android for Work has been enabled on the device, you will see a prompt loading the Knox Play for Work Account. This will take a few moments. A prompt displays once successfully finished. The Play Store icon is added inside the Knox container and shows whitelisted public apps users can access.