Samsung Knox is making it easier to use personal devices for work purposes for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs and deploy truly corporate- dedicated devices to end-users.

Samsung Knox is a feature that allows you to use your phone as an enterprise and personal device, by using an enterprise container. Within this container, all enterprise functions are securely managed. Outside of the enterprise container, you can use your phone as a personal device with an uninterrupted end-user experience. In some scenarios, a device can be enrolled as Container Only Mode which locks the devices into the Knox container with no access to the personal side of the device. This is a solution for corporate dedicated devices who do not want that end-users use devices for personal use.

The key benefits of containerization with Samsung Knox are:

  • Two Devices in One - Switch between the password-protected Knox Workspace and the personal side of the device with the tap of an icon.

  • Powerful Apps - A full collection of ready to use applications are pre-loaded and pushed to the Samsung Knox Workspace.
  • Secure Data - Data is secure using on-device encryption and SmartCard authentication.
  • Android Lockdown - You are allowed to have a device password and Samsung Knox container password to keep your sensitive enterprise information safe.