Exercise access control on your mobile devices with the help of the AirWatch email compliance policies. The email compliance policies along with the deployment models provide additional protection to your corporate data.

These policies permit or deny email access to devices based on the device's compliance status. On the AirWatch Console, the email policies available are Email Security Policies, General Email Policies, and Managed Device Policies. To know the deployment models to which these policies are applicable, see Email Compliance Policies.

The email policies are disabled by default on the AirWatch Console. To know more about these email policies and how to activate, see Activate an Email Compliance Policy.

The email security policies are applicable for only Secure Email Gateway (SEG) deployments and helps you protect the email attachments. To protect the email attachments with the email security policy you must ensure certain prerequisites are met. To know what these prerequisites are , see Email Content, Attachments & Hyperlinks Protection. To know how to enable and edit these email security policies, see Enable Email Security Classification Enable Email Attachment Protectionand Enable Hyperlink Protection.