Web applications function much like an application on a device. They provide end-users a way to access a URL directly from an icon on menu of their device.

Basics of Web Applications

Read a description of web applications and view a list of platforms that support their use in Web Application Features and Supported Platforms.

Web Admins and Management

Your deployment might have need for an admin that manages your web applications. For configurations specific to this type of admin, see Web App Admins and Roles Exceptions.

Use the View Devices page to manage your web applications. For the actions available on the View Devices page, see Configure View Devices for Web Applications.

Deployment Methods

There are two methods to deploy web applications. For an explanation of the two methods, see Web Tab or Device Profiles.

You can edit configurations in either system because the systems share settings. See Web Application Configurations Shared Across Deployment Methods for more information.

Apps & Books Web Tab Method

For the configurations to add web applications in the Apps & Books section of the console, see Add Web Applications.

Device Profile Method

For the configurations to add web applications by device profile, see the listed topics.