Use the different deployment models from AirWatch to configure the Mobile Email Management (MEM) features for your organization that are required to protect your email infrastructure. These deployment models when used along with the AirWatch email compliance policies helps you monitor your managed devices and safeguard sensitive email content.

Supported Deployment Models

AirWatch offers the deployment models, Proxy and Direct with which you can configure your MEM features. The installation and configuration procedures varies for these models.

As the name indicates, the Proxy model requires a proxy server to relay the email requests from the devices to the email server. See Secure Email Gateway Proxy Modelto understand the basic architecture of the proxy model.

The Direct model allows direct communication between your managed devices and the email server. There are two configuration modes for the Direct model; PowerShell and Gmail. To know how these configuration modes differ from one another, see Direct PowerShell Model and Direct Gmail Model.

Compatible Email Servers

The deployment models differ not only in the setup but also in the email servers that they support. For information on the supported email servers, see Email Deployment Types.

Supported Features and Recommendations

The features that the deployment models support for different email servers vary. To know more about the supported features and AirWatch recommendations, see MEM Deployment Model Matrix and AirWatch Recommendations.