Deploy apps that use the AirWatch SDK for iOS to the App Store without dependency on other AirWatch components. The SDK includes a mode for your application for use during the Apple App Review process.

This app review mode removes dependencies on the broker applications such as the AirWatch Agent for iOS, AirWatch Container, and Workspace ONE. It also enables the app reviewer to access the application without enrolling with AirWatch.

Overview of the Process

Build your application and incorporate the AirWatch SDK for iOS (Swift). Then, build a test environment in AirWatch and prepare the application for submission to the app review process. For general steps in the process, see Overview of the  Steps to Configure App Review Mode.

Build a Test Environment in AirWatch

Create a test environment in AirWatch that you use only for this app review process. For details on how to create this environment and how to upload your application to it, see Configure an App Review Mode, Testing Environment in the AirWatch Console.

Identify the Server URL and Group ID

To help your application work for the review process without dependencies on other AirWatch components, follow the procedure in Declare the App Review Server and Group ID in the SDK PLIST.