You can log in to and out of an iOS device that is shared across multiple users.

Log in to an iOS device

  1. Run the AirWatch Agent on the device.
  2. Enter the end-user credentials.

    If the device is already logged in to the AirWatch Agent, then users are prompted to enter an SSO Passcode. If the device is not logged in, then users are prompted to enter a user name and password. The profiles assigned to each user are pushed down based on the smart group and user group association.


    If Prompt User for Organization Group is enabled, then end users are required to enter a Group ID to log in to a device.

  3. Select Login and accept the Terms of Use.


    If prompted for a passcode, users can create one in the Self-Service Portal. These passcodes are subject to an expiration period. As the expiration period nears, the AirWatch Agent prompts users to change the passcode on the device. If users do not a change their passcode before it expires, users must return to the Self-Service Portal to create another passcode.

Log out of an iOS device

  1. Run the AirWatch Agent.
  2. Select My Device at the bottom.
  3. Tap Log out under the Shared Device section.


    When the shared device is logged out, both the device passcode and Single Sign On passcode are cleared without any warning or notification. The device in this state allows the next user to configure another passcode.