When you acquire applications from Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP) with managed distribution codes, AirWatch creates place holders for all applications it deems as custom B2B. The system creates the place holders because it cannot retrieve the metadata like the icon, the name, and the bundle ID from an app store. Activate management by entering the missing metadata.

If there is a version of the custom B2B application bought using redemption codes, AirWatch can pull the icon and name from the redemption code version. However, you must still enter the bundle ID.

Activate management of custom B2B applications after you sync licenses and before you assign licenses to smart groups. This process is outlined in the topic Managed Distribution and AirWatch.

  1. Upload an sToken and sync licenses.
  2. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > List View > Purchased.
  3. Select the Unknown link in the Name column for the custom B2B application. Use the App Type > Custom B2B filter to help locate Unknown links.

    AirWatch changes the status and makes actions available after you enter the information.

  4. Complete the following options.

    Setting Description
    Application Name Enter a name to display in the AirWatch Console
    Application ID View the ID populated using the Adam ID.
    Bundle ID Enter the value given to you by the developer
    Managed By Identifies the managing organization group.
    Description Enter a description to record any useful information like the purpose or use of the application.
  5. Select Save to assign content.

Applications you do not activate for management display as Inactive in the Console.

To read about more support for VPP and custom B2B applications in AirWatch, see Custom B2B Applications and Apple's VPP.