This method uses service token files, also called sTokens, to authenticate assignments. It allows you to assign license codes to Apple IDs to allocate content to devices, and the method supports the revocation and recycling of these license codes.

Revoke Managed Distribution Licenses

AirWatch cannot revoke licenses for books currently.

Basics of Managed Distribution by Apple IDs

View Managed Distribution and AirWatch for a list of all required steps for successful deployment.

See Supported Content for Purchased Applications for a matrix outlining which VPP deployment methods are available for a content type and an operating system version.

Add Applications with Managed Distribution

The AirWatch Console accesses Apple's Web services with the service token, or sToken, you upload to the console. AirWatch retrieves your VPP content with the license data on the sToken. Keep sTokens current, and if you are not using the licenses, clear the sTokens. View Manage VPP sTokens to Retrieve Managed Distribution Licenses and Content for more information.

AirWatch has two methods that sync managed distribution content: By assets and by license. See Sync Managed Distribution Content for information.

AirWatch distributes licenses by smart group and automatically publishes content when you save an assignment. Read Assign and Publish Managed Distribution Content to Devices.

You can invite users who have not accepted the initial invitation to join Apple's VPP. Invite Users to Join VPP outlines the process.

Manage Licenses

You can access managed distribution information from the Device Details, Licenses, and Manage Devices pages. Each page offers various auditing and management actions depending on the type of asset. See Managed Distribution Information.

AirWatch offers several ways to revoke managed distribution codes so that you can reuse them. For information, see Methods to Revoke Managed Distribution Codes.

Apple offers the Apple Configurator and the Apple Device Enrollment Plan (DEP) to enable IT administrators to deploy and manage large numbers of Apple iOS devices. AirWatch integrates with both programs, as well as integrating with Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP). All programs aim to help maintain and manage bulk device and content. See Staging Users and Managed Distribution (Apple's VPP) for information.