Manage products using the product provisioning management functionality. Use these tools in addition to those mentioned in the AirWatch Mobile Device Management Guide to manage your rugged devices.

Product Management Basics

Product management uses the Products Dashboard, Products List View, and Device Details View to manage how devices use products. Rugged devices have different device actions and options than consumer devices. Some actions, such as Remote Management require additional configuration before using with devices.

Products must be deactivated before most device actions work. You should also disable any components before using device actions.

Product Dashboard

View and manage products from the Products Dashboard. The dashboard provides an easy method of viewing the status of your products and the devices they provision. The charts of information allow you to drill down to specific products or devices so you can remain informed about your device fleet. For more information, see Products Dashboard.

Products List View

The Product List view allows you to view, edit, copy, and delete products. From this view you can also see the devices assigned the product. For more information, see Products List View.

Device Details View

You can use the Device Details View to see the products, files/actions, apps, and profiles pushed to a device. For more information, see Products in the Device Details View.

Product Job Status

Product provisioning works by handling each item in a product as a different job. As a product is pushed to a device, the AirWatch Console updates the current status of each job to display any errors or issues are in the process. For more information, see Product Job Statuses.

Enterprise Reset

Enterprise Reset enables you to reset a device similar to an enterprise wipe, but with one important difference. Profiles and files/actions set to persist on a device are not removed and automatically reinstall on a device following the first reboot after an enterprise reset. For more information, see Perform an Enterprise Reset.

XML Provisioning

XML provisioning allows you to download a custom-designed XML file to a device in a provisioning product. After the file is downloaded, it executes an install command to extract the settings from the XML file and install them on the device. For more information, see Create an XML Provisioning File.