Using the Remote View command, administrators can easily assist with troubleshooting by viewing an end user's device from an AirPlay-enabled destination, such as AirServer, Reflector, or X-Mirage.

Stopping Remote View

On iOS 7+ Supervised devices:

On iOS 7+ supervised (only) devices, you can use the Stop Remote View. Once Remote View is enabled, this command is available in the More menu.

  1. Go to Devices > List View and select the device in the AirWatch Console.
  2. Navigate to More > Support > Stop Remote View.

On other devices:

To stop a Remote View session on other devices, the end user must close the session on the device.


Non-supervised devices, do not have access to the Stop Remote View command, so it does not appear in the More menu even if a session is running.

Editing a Remote View Destination

  1. Navigate to Devices > List View > Select Device > Support > More > Remote View. A Remote View window appears.
  2. Choose the Device Destination to edit from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Edit Setting to start editing the destination settings. An Edit Remote Destination window appears.
  4. Select Save and Start to send the Remote View request to the device.