Use the Manage Devices option to install and remove many applications at once, to notify many devices at once, and to reinvite users to the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP).


  • Status helps find devices that have installed or not installed assets.
  • User Invite helps find devices to invite to the Apple VPP.

Manage Devices

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > List View and select either the Public or Purchased tab.
  2. Select the Manage Devices option ( View) from the actions menu.

  3. Select from the actions menu or hover and select desired options. You can act on specific devices (selected and filtered) or act on all devices (listed).

    Setting Description

    Install an application on a single device or on multiple devices.


    Remove an application from a single device or off multiple devices.

    • macOS

      AirWatch cannot remove VPP applications (purchased) for macOS devices.

    • Windows Desktop and Phone

      This function removes the application but not the license for public applications acquired through the Windows Store for Business.


    Notify devices about an asset.

    Settings include email, SMS, push, and message template options for sending messages.


    (Only Purchased)

    Send an invitation to join the Apple VPP, managed distribution, to devices.

    Devices must run Apple iOS v7.0.3+.

    The page also lists devices that accepted the invitation.

For more topics about the management of applications in AirWatch, see Manage Applications Overview.