The New tag in front of the report name in the AirWatch Console identifies new reports. These reports combine multiple deprecated reports.

To see the new reports, navigate to Hub > Reports & Analytics > Reports > List View. To see the exported new reports, navigate to Hub > Reports & Analytics > Exports.

New reports

AirWatch offers three new reports:

  • Application Details By Device
  • Device Inventory
  • Devices with User Details
  • Shared Device History
  • Devices with Applications and User Details.

The following table shows the available columns for each of these new reports.

New Reports
Application Details By Device
Organization Group ID Installed Version
Organization Group Name Bundle Size (KB)
Friendly Name Dynamic Size (KB)
Serial Number Total Size
App Name Install Status
App Identifier Install Status Reason
Deployed By AirWatch App First Seen
Managed App App Updated Date
Assigned Version Device ID
Device Type Device Model
OS Version Ownership Type
Device Last Seen User name
Email address  
Device Inventory
Device Inventory Last Seen
Device ID Asset Number
Organization Group ID Is Compromised
Organization Group Name Find My iPhone
Friendly Name Country
Serial Number MDMManaged YN
Device Type Device Identifier
Device Model Home Carrier
Phone Number Current Carrier
Owner MAC Address
OS Version Wi-Fi IP Address
Enrollment Date IMEI
Compliance Status Sim Card Number
Enrollment Status GPRS Connection
Unenrollment Date Device Capacity(GB)
Managed By Available Capacity(GB)
User name Battery Life Percent
Email address Device Identifier
Devices with User Details
Organization Group ID User Status
Organization Group Name Platform
Friendly Name Device Model
Device ID OS Version
User name Ownership Type
User Id Serial Number
First Name IMEI
Last Name Enrollment Status
Email Address Compliance Status
User Phone Number Date Enrolled
Shared Device History
Organization Group ID Last Name
Organization Group Name Data Protection Status
Device ID Email Address
Device Name Checkin Date
First Name Checkout Date
Devices with Application and User Details
Organization Group ID Application Name
Organization Group Name Application ID
Device ID Deployed by AirWatch
Email Address Managed App
Data Protection Status Application Type
Friendly Name Installed Version
Serial Number Bundle Size
IMEI Dynamic Size
SIM Card Number Install Status
Device Platform Install Status Reason
OS Version Application First Seen
Ownership Type Application Last Seen
Phone Number Device Capacity(GB)
Department Available Capacity(GB)
Custom Attribute 1 Enrollment Date
Custom Attribute 2 Enrollment Status
Custom Attribute 3 Console App Name