Use can use the proxy tool if VMware Tunnel routes its outbound requests through an outbound proxy that has rules set in a PAC file that also requires authentication.

To use the tool, perform the following steps: 

  1. Within Linux CLI mode, navigate to /opt/vmware/tunnel/proxy/tools.
  2. Convert the proxy tool to an executable by using the following command:

    chmod a+x
  3. Run proxy-tools by using the following command:

    sudo sh
  4. Select your authentication method, which can be None, Basic, or NTLM for a single service account. Also enter your credentials, if applicable, and the URI of the proxy for testing.

    MAG OB Proxy Tool

  5. Select Save.

After saving, check that the proxy settings updated correctly by running the following command:

cat /opt/vmware/tunnel/proxy/conf/proxy-credentials.xm