This matrix summarizes specific functionality and configurations, as available by OEM.

  Standard SAFE LG Lenovo HTC Moto

Panasonic Amazon Nook Sony Intel ASUS Bluebird
Native Email Configuration   v1.0+ v1.0+   v1.0+         v5.0+      
Allow Email Forwarding   v3.0+               v5.0+      
Disable Non-Enterprise Email Account Addition   v4.0+               v5.0+      
Prevent Enterprise Email Account Removal   v4.0+               v5.0+      
Application Control  
Prevent Installation of Blacklisted Apps   v2.0+ v1.0+         v1.0+ v1.0+ v3.0+ v1.0+ v1.0+  
Prevent Un-Installation of Required Apps   v1.0+ v1.0+         v1.0+ v1.0+ v7.0 v1.0+   v1.0
Allow Only Whitelisted Apps   v2.0+               v3.0+ v1.0+    
Silent Application Install   v1.0+ v1.0+     MX v1.3+ v1.0+ v1.0+ v1.0+ v9.0 v1.0+    
Clear Specific Application Data Command   v2.0+ v1.0+     MX v1.3+   v1.0+          
Allow Voice Dialer   v2.0+                      
Device Administration  
Silently Set Device Administrator         v1.0+ MX v1.3+   v1.0+          
Silently Remove Device Administrator         v1.0+ MX v1.3+   v1.0+          
Prevent Device Admin Removal by User         v1.0+     v1.0+          
Allow Activation Lock   v5.0+                      
Allow Developer Mode   v5.0+                      
Allow Firmware Recovery   v5.0+                      
Headphone State   v5.0+                      
Allow Fast Encryption   v5.0+                      
Allow Device Administrator Deactivation                   v5.0+      
Require Storage Encryption v3.0+ v2.0+ v1.0+ v1.0+ v1.0+ MX v1.3+              
Require SD Card Encryption   v2.0+ v1.0+ v1.0+   MX v1.3+       v2.0+      
Remote Troubleshooting  
Remote Management   v4.0+ v1.0+     MX v1.3+ v1.0+            
Device Reboot   v3.0+       MX v1.3+   v1.0+          
Configure Basic Native VPN Types v2.2-2.3.5 v2.0+ v1.0+   v1.0+     v1.0+          
Configure Advanced Native VPN Types   v3.0+ v1.0+   v1.0+                
Set Minimum Wi-Fi Security Level   v2.0+ v2.0+                    
Certificate Management  
Silent Certificate Install   v2.0+ v1.0+     MX v1.3+   v1.0+          
Lock Screen Customization  
Set Enterprise Custom Images on Lock Screen   v4.0+                      
Set Enterprise Contact Info on Lock Screen   v4.0+                      
Allow Lock Screen Settings   v5.0+                      

*For devices running Jelly Bean 4.3

‡For devices running Kit Kat

**Only supported on LG devices.