The Windows Auto-Discovery Service Installer guides you through a step-by-step process for installing and configuring WADS for an on-premises deployment.

To install WADS:

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Devices & Users > Windows > Windows Auto-Discovery.

  2. Set the Auto Discovery Mode to On-Prem.
  3. Select Download Windows Auto-Discovery Installer.
  4. Unpackage the installer.
  5. Run the installer as an Administrator.


  6. Click Next to begin installing WADS.
  7. Accept the terms in the EULA to continue.


  8. Choose your Install path then select Next to continue.


  9. Confirm that your Installation Path then select Next to continue.


  10. On the AirWatch IIS Configuration screen, select the Web site being used.


    To use a Web site other than the Default Web site, type the Web site name in the text box. If you are planning on using multiple domains, enter the site name provided while configuring SNI. For more information, see Use Server Name Indication for Multi Domain WADS.

  11. Enter the URL of the Device Services server. This URL can be found by navigating to Site URLs in the Console. Groups and Settings > All Settings > System > Advanced > Site URLs. Do not enter HTTPS:// in the installer text boxes.

    For example, if the Device Services URL listed in Site URLs is, enter in the installer text boxes.


  12. Click Install to begin the installation.


  13. Click Finish.



    Click Show the Windows Installer log to see detailed logs of the installation or to troubleshoot.