Windows Auto-Discovery for Windows devices requires the Windows Auto-Discovery Service installed onto a server. This server must meet the minimum requirements and have access to your internal network.

The Windows Auto-Discovery Service (WADS) is a web service installed on a physical or virtual server running Windows 2008 R2+ on Internet Information Services (IIS) 7+. It operates from within your DMZ or internal network and can be configured behind any existing Web Application Firewalls (WAF) or load balancers. By initiating a secure HTTPS connection from the Windows Phone or Windows Desktop devices to the WADS server, end users receive enrollment credentials, depending on optional configurations.

The installation process requires:

  • Obtaining an SSL certificate for EnterpriseEnrollment.<domain>.
  • Obtaining the executable for the Windows Auto-Discovery Service.
  • Downloading and installing WADS onto server.
  • Binding SSL certificate to the EnrollmentServer virtual directory.
  • (Optional) enabling WADS to use AirWatch’s Auto-Discovery.
  • (Optional) enabling WADS to use Workplace Web Enrollment.