The AirWatch Managed Content repository refers to a location where AirWatch administrators with the appropriate permissions have complete control over the files that gets stored within it. The end users can access the added content using VMware Content Locker in the repository labeled AirWatch Managed.


AirWatch Managed Content repository provides the following features:

  • Uploading of files manually
  • Options to configure and provide permissions for individual files
  • Sync options to control content accessed on end user devices
  • List View for advanced file management options


To protect the content that is stored and synced from the repository to end user devices the following security features are available:

  • SSL encryption secures data during transit between AirWatch Console and end user devices
  • Roles with security pin for controlled access to the content


The AirWatch Managed repository content is stored in the AirWatch database. You can choose to host the database in AirWatch cloud or on-premise, depending on your deployment model. For more information, see Configure the AirWatch Managed Content Category Structure.