Syncs content added to a designated folder on an end user's PC or Mac computer with the Personal Content repository. In addition to the end user's personal computer, synced content becomes accessible to an end user from any browser through the Self-Service Portal, and on mobile devices using the VMware Content Locker application.

To enable and configure the Sync Client and its basic features:

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Content > Applications > VMware Content Locker Sync.
  2. Enable or Disable features to set sync client behavior.

    Setting General
    VMware Content Locker Sync Enable sync functionality associated with the product.
    Client Download

    Enable end user sync client downloads from the Self-Service Portal.

    Disable end user sync client downloads if implementing an enterprise deployment of Content Locker Sync using the MSI installer.

    Require MDM Enrollment

    Enable a requirement for end users to have managed devices to successfully authenticate into Content Locker Sync. This requirement does not apply to end users who authenticated prior to the configuration of this setting.

  1. Select a Terms of Use agreement for Windows.
  2. If implementing Client Downloads, verify the appropriate Link Sharing settings are enabled.