Keep your VPP deployment and your paid public iOS applications in separate organization groups. Enable the paid public status option in an organization group where applicable devices are enrolled.

Use the VPP When It's Available

Do not deploy the same paid public iOS applications in an organization group that has VPP configured and that contains a service token (sToken). If you have the VPP configured in the organization group, use licenses from the sToken, which offers greater management and control of the application.

Enable Paid Public Applications Near or Where Devices are Enrolled

Devices receive application assignments from the closest organization group to them. Be aware of the organization group hierarchy and where you enable paid public iOS applications. If you assign the application in an organization group that has no effect on the device, installations can fail or the application can install on the wrong device.



Paid Public




Parent Enabled No

The device does not receive the managed paid public application and the system redirects the device to the store to install the application.




For information on how to enable and upload these applications, see Enable and Upload Paid Public iOS Apps to the Console.