Enable the deployment of paid public iOS applications in the AirWatch Console. Then upload the paid public iOS application from the app store to the AirWatch Console to make it available in the AirWatch Catalog.

Enable Process

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Apps > Workspace ONE > Paid Public Applications.
  2. Select Enabled, and then save the settings.

Upload Process

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > List View > Public, and select Add Application.
  2. Select Managed By to view the organization group from which the application uploads.
  3. Select the Platform.
  4. Select Search App Store to find the application.

  5. Enter a keyword in the Name text box to find the application in the app store.
  6. Select Next and use Select to pick the application from the app store result page.
  7. Configure options on the Info tab. Entering data on this tab is optional, but you can record data like the store URL for the application, supported models, and associated categories.

  8. Assign the application to smart groups on the Assignment tab.

  9. Configure the deployment details of the application on the Deployment tab to control availability.

    Only the on-demand push mode is available. It enables the user to initiate installation so that the system does not use excessive bandwidth by automatically installing applications. It also gives the user time to buy the application and delete the initial version from the device.

  10. Assign a Required Terms of Use for the application on the Terms of Use tab. This is optional.

  11. Select Save & Publish to make the application available to end users.

For a comparison of the steps necessary to push paid public iOS applications to devices, iOS 9+ to earlier versions, see Paid Public iOS Applications and AirWatch.