One of the biggest concerns for BYOD end users is the privacy of the personal content on their devices. Your organization must assure employees that their personal data is not subject to corporate oversight.

With AirWatch MDM, you can ensure the privacy of personal data by creating customized privacy policies that do not collect personal data based on the device ownership type. In addition, you can define granular privacy settings to disable the collection of the personally identifiable information and disallow certain remote actions to employee-owned devices to ensure employee privacy.

You must inform your end users about how their data is collected and stored when they enroll into AirWatch.


Countries and jurisdictions have differing regulations governing the data that can be collected from end users. Your organization must thoroughly research the applicable laws before you configure your BYOD and privacy policies.

AirWatch has created a BYOD Adoption Campaign Kit to help you inform your employees about the AirWatch BYOD solution. The kit includes material about privacy and data collection. To download the BYOD Adoption Campaign Kit, visit