Product provisioning allows you to create, through AirWatch, products containing profiles, applications, and files/actions (depending on the platform you use). These products follow a set of rules, schedules, and dependencies as guidelines for ensuring your devices remain up to date with the content they need.

Product provisioning also encompasses the use of relay servers. These servers are FTP(S) servers designed to work as a go-between for devices and the AirWatch Console. Create these servers for each store or warehouse to store product content for distribution to your devices.

Another product provisioning feature is the staging methods of enrollment. Depending on the device type, you can perform device staging that quickly enrolls a device and downloads the AirWatch Agent, Wi-Fi profile, and any other important content. The methods of staging a device vary by platform.

Product Provisioning Feature Matrix

The different supported platforms for product provisioning differ in features and functionality. For comparison between the platforms, see Product Provisioning Feature Matrix.

Supported Devices, OS, and Agents

The product provisioning functionality supports different devices and operating systems. The functionality available changes based on the supported rugged device. For more information, see Supported Devices, OS, and Agents.