Product provisioning works by handling each item in a product as a different job. As a product is pushed to a device, the AirWatch Console updates the current status of each job to display any errors or issues are in the process.

Each job follows a workflow and the statuses reflect the position in the process.

Job data logs are purged from the AirWatch Console based on the Data Purging settings located at Groups & Settings > All Settings > Admin >Data Purging > DevicePolicyJob Purge.

Job Status Description
Queued The job is created but not yet started.
Delivered Job initially delivered to device database.
Paused Job was previously started but a failure occurred. Job will resume before other jobs are processed.
Download Pending The download is pending until download conditions are met.
Downloaded The job downloaded to the device.
Install pending The install is pending until install conditions are met.
Installed The job installed on the device.
Deferred Job download conditions not yet met.

Job is processing on the device bt the status of the job is not confirmed.

Completed/Failed Job processing complete. Complete means the process was a success. Failed means the process failed.
Canceled Job canceled while deferred or waiting.
Orphaned Job being process by device uncompleted when jobs reprocessed. Job will automatically restart when able.
Deleted The job was canceled by the user on the device.