The Assigned Access profile limits access to specific functions and control features of Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile devices. Use this profile to control the apps displayed on the front page or app list, the settings accessed, and the function of each hardware key.

Assigned Access enables an enterprise to provision a device into a state with a locked down user experience. The start screen can be customized with pinned applications, and the system buttons can be disabled or configured to have custom actions. You can also customize the settings panel to display only certain settings to the user.

Consider using the Application Control and the Assigned Access payloads together to ensure that your devices are controlled.


The Assigned Access profile may cause devices to fail or lose connectivity and requires that the device is serviced at a repair center to reset it to factory settings. This profile is a one-way action and cannot be removed. Once this profile is published, your devices must be factory-reset to regain normal functionality.