Configure BIOS settings for select Dell enterprise devices with the BIOS profile. This profile requires integration with Dell Command | Monitor.

For more information on configuring Dell Command | Monitor integration, see Dell Command | Monitor Integration.


Only specific Dell enterprise devices are supported. For more information, see Dell Command | Monitor Integration.


To configure a BIOS profile:

  1. Navigate to Devices > Profiles > List View > Add and select Add Profile.

  2. Select Windows and then select Windows Desktop.
  3. Select Device Profile.
  4. Configure the profile General settings.

    These settings determine how the profile deploys and who receives it. For more information on General settings, see Add General Profile Settings.

  5. Select the BIOS payload and configure the following settings:

    Settings Descriptions
    BIOS Password

    Enter a password to unlock the BIOS of the device.

    This field is required.

    TPM Chip Select Enable to enable the device Trusted Platform Module chip.
    CPU Virtualization Select Enable to allow hardware virtualization support.
    Virtualization IO Select Enable to allow input/output virtualization.
  6. Select Save & Publish.