You can set the Passcode profile for the settings to apply as a Work Passcode or Device Passcode.

The Work Passcode applies passcode policies only to work apps so users do not have to enter complex passwords each time they unlock their device when enrolled with a Work Profile. The Work passcode ensures that end users can access their private apps in any way they like while keeping corporate app data protected without the use of wrapping technologies. For Work Managed devices, this passcode policy applies to the device. The Work Passcode is available on Android 7.0 (Nougat) and above for Work Profile enrolled devices.

The Device Passcode applies passcode policies for the device enrolled with a Work Profile. This passcode will need to be entered each time the device is unlocked and can be applied in addition to the work passcode.

By default, when creating a new profile, only the work passcode is enabled (device passcode is enabled). The admin will have to manually enable the device passcode.