A SCEP profile silently installs certificates onto end user devices for use with device authentication.

To configure a SCEP payload:

  1. Navigate to Devices > Profiles > List View > Add and select Add Profile.

  2. Select Windows and then select Windows Phone .
  3. Configure the profile's General settings.

    These settings determine how the profile deploys and who receives it. For more information on General settings, see Add General Profile Settings.

  4. Select the SCEP profile.
  5. Configure the SCEP settings, including:

    Settings Descriptions
    Credential Source This drop-down menu is always set to defined certificate authority.
    certificate authority Select the certificate authority you want to use.
    Certificate Template Select the template available for the certificate.
    Issuer Enter the issuer of the certificate. The issuer can be found in the subject line of the certificate.
    Store Location

    Select where the SCEP stores on the machine:

    • Context User – Stores the SCEP with the specific user.
    • Context Machine – Stores the SCEP for all users on the machine.
  6. Configure the Wi-Fi, VPN, or EAS profile.
  7. Select Save & Publish when you are finished to push the profile to devices.

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