Complete the following steps to install RFS on the Linux Server. AirWatch recommends utilizing the GUI-less method outlined in these instructions.

  1. Copy the .zip file you downloaded from the AirWatch Console into a folder in the Linux server.
  2. Navigate to the folder you copied the file to in the Linux box. Unzip the file using the following command:

    • config.xml
    • RemoteFileStorage.bin
    • rfsSSl.pfx
  1. Make the RemoteFileStorage.bin an executable using the following commands:

    sudo chmod +x RemoteFileStorage.bin
    sudo ./RemoteFileStorage.bin
  1. Press Enter until you receive a prompt to accept the licensing agreement. Press Y to accept.

  1. Respond to the prompts in the RFS Configuration section.

    • Enter Y to utilize automatic communication using multi-casting .

      Alternatively, enter N to cluster RFS servers by host name, and provide the IP addresses for the servers.

    • Enter Y enter N.
    • Enter Y if the RFS server gets SSL offloaded behind a load balancer. Otherwise, enter N.
  1. Certificate Password

  1. Configure the RFS Storage file path:

    • Enter the absolute path where RFS stores files, which should match the path created when RFS was configured.
    • Review your entry.
    • Press Y to confirm.
  1. Summary Enter

  2. Press Enter to begin installation. Any install errors display in an error message, and in the installation log which saves to:

  1. Run the command to check that all the services run properly:

    $ sudo service AirWatchRfs status
  1. Verify RFS installed successfully.