Use the available installation logs, server logs and configuration files to troubleshoot Remote File Storage (RFS). Access these resources from their directory location or by entering server commands on the vi editor or WinSCP.

Name Details
Post-Installation Log /opt/airwatch/rfs/_RemoteFileStorage_installation/Logs/
Server Log


RFS Configuration Files Default Directory rfs_web/config
RFS-Web Property File /opt/airwatch/rfs/rfs-web/config/
RFS Files Property File   /opt/airwatch/rfs/rfs-files/config/
Read a Log File
[root@localhost ~]$ cd /log/airwatch/rfs/
[root@localhost vpnd]$ tail -f rfs-web.log
View a Directory Listing
[root@localhost ~]$ cd /opt/airwatch/rfs
[root@localhost vpnd]$ ls -l
RFS Service Commands
sudo service AirWatchRfs {start/stop/restart/status}