Post-installation, perform checks to verify the installation completed successfully.

  1. Verify the RFS installation completed successfully by checking the \\<servername>\<path> for the trust store folder.
  2. Use a browser on a different machine within the same network to check the health API endpoint availability.

      HTTP GET request to Return HTTP status Service Status
    RFS Tokens <RFS_HOSTNAME>:<PORT>/awhealth 200 status with the RFS version UP


    200 status with cluster details UP
  3. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Content > Remote Storage in the AirWatch Console.

  4. Check the Active column for the appropriate RFS node. The color that displays in the column indicates the node's connectivity status.

    Color Meaning
    Blank Indicates default node status. The blank status appears regardless of connectivity.
    Green Indicates active status.
    Red Indicates an inactive status. Troubleshoot before proceeding.