As part of deploying the Remote Management v4.1 server, generate the root and intermediate certificates used during installation.



  1. Open the Remote Management v4.1 Certificate Generator. Be certain to use the correct version of the tool according to the version of AirWatch you are using.

    AirWatch Version Certificate Generator Tool Version
    Pre 9.2 RemoteManagementCertificateGenerator_Before_9_2
    9.2 and above RemoteManagementCertificateGenerator_9_2
  2. Set the following values.

    Setting Value
    Certificate Type Remote Management.
    Deployment On-premises.
    Certificate Common Name Paste the Certificate Common Name.
  3. Select Generate Certificates.
  4. Navigate to the folder on your device holding the Remote Management v4.1 Certificate Generator. Find the generated certificates in the Artifacts\public folder.
  5. In the Artifacts folder, find the "Certificate Seed Script.sql". Run this script against the AirWatch Database to seed the generated certificates into the AirWatch database.
  6. Install the certificates onto the Remote Management server into the appropriate certificate stores.

    1. Add the file named "root_cert.cer" to the Root cert store.
    2. Add the file named "intermediate_cert.cer" to the Intermediate cert store.
  7. Switch to the Cert Store and find the file you just added called "intermediate_cert.cer"
  8. Right click the "intermediate_cert.cer" file and select Export. Now choose P7B as the export type.
  9. This P7B file is needed for when you Configure the Remote Management Installer.