Remote Management v4.1 uses multiple components to facilitate the communication between admins and end-user devices.

The core components are as follows.


The database handles system and tenant configuration, operations, and logging such as the accrual of historical device enrollment data.

Portal Services

The Portal Services component handles the administrative and management services for Remote Management v4.1. The Management Website is installed as part of the portal services component.

T10 Interface

The T10 interface is the part of the Management website under Portal Services that defines an integration portal between AirWatch and the Remote Management server.

The T10 interface uses Representational State Transfer (REST) communication with a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) payload. The T10 interface allows AirWatch to make a mobile device eligibility call.

The T10 interface can also start a remote support session using the Remote Management tool and delete the device from the Remote Management system.

Core Services

The Core Services component provides service discovery and auxiliary services for the Remote Management solution through Web services and Windows services.

Connection Proctor

The Connection Proctor component uses the Windows Connection Proctor service to manage device connections to the Remote Management server. The component also simultaneously handles multiple requests for sessions.