The Remote Management client provides support tools to facilitate troubleshooting and remotely controlling end-user devices. The tools are located around the device view.

Remote Management v4.1 does not have the same functionality as Remote Management v3.0. The following features are not currently available in Remote Management v4.1.

  • Registry Manager
  • Macros during the session.

Remote Control

The main section of the Remote Management client is a device screen view that allows you to control the end-user device remotely.


Control the device by clicking or dragging on the displayed screen and buttons. You can send keystrokes to the device and copy and paste information onto the device during a session.

If a user needs privacy, they can pause a remote control session.

Device Whiteboard (Android Only)

The device whiteboard functionality allows you to highlight a specific item to the user. The whiteboard allows you to draw, highlight, and point to areas on the screen.

To use the whiteboard, select the whiteboard icon ( ) in the bottom right of the device screen view.

The whiteboard menu consists of the following items.



The Remote Management client provides a shortcuts menu to navigate quickly to a screen or menu item on the device.

The shortcuts icon is on the bottom right, near the whiteboard icon. Navigate to that screen by selecting an item from the shortcuts menu.

Device Summary

The Remote Management client provides a device summary of information similar to Device Details. Use this information to diagnose issues on a device while connected without navigating away from the Remote Management client.

The Device Summary pane provides at-a-glance information to use during troubleshooting. The pane displays signal strength, battery, network status, storage, and main memory information. Display additional information not displayed in the information by selecting the Additional Information ( ) icon.

Detailed Device Information

The Additional Information screen provides detailed information on the device, applications, processes, and remote control history.

Select each information list from the left navigation bar.

The Device information displays Device make and model, battery details, storage, connection, RAM, and more. Minimize the pane and manage which panes are visible by clicking each device details section header. You may also search for specific information with the search bar in the top right corner.

The application list provides a list of applications installed on the device and application details such as the version number and package name. You can kill any running app from this list.

The process list displays the current processes running on the device and detailed information. You can kill any running process from this list.