Apple's Managed Distribution system integrates with AirWatch, and you can distribute your free and purchased Volume Purchase Program (VPP) applications and books. The redemption code model uses codes from a spreadsheet to retrieve your VPP contents and to distribute them to devices using the AirWatch Console.

For successful distribution of VPP content to end-users, perform all steps of the deployment process. In return, end-users must complete all steps on their devices to receive VPP content.



Send VPP content to end-users

  1. Purchase you applications and download your redemption code spreadsheet from the Apple iTunes Store.
  2. Upload the spreadsheet to AirWatch.

  3. Allocate redemption codes to organization groups and smart groups in the AirWatch Console.
  4. To make content available in catalogs, publish the it.


Receive content

  1. Obtain a redemption code from AirWatch.

    This step occurs automatically when admins publish content.

  2. Install content from the catalog.

For an outline of the support for the redemption code method, see Redemption Code Method Overview.