You will register multiple devices by using the batch import option in the AirWatch Console:

  1. Navigate to Accounts > Users > List View > Add > Batch Import to open the Batch Import Form.
  2. Enter the basic information including a Batch Name and Batch Description for reference in the AirWatch Console.
  3. Select the information icon ( info_Badge) to access available Batch Type templates as well as a description of each. Next, choose the applicable template that best suits your environment by making a choice in the Batch Type drop-down field.
  4. Select the information icon ( info_Badge) again to select the appropriate Download Template and Example for this Batch Type and save the comma-separated values (.CSV) file somewhere accessible. Download the simple or advanced template listed under the Users And/Or Devices section.
  5. Open this .CSV file template and enter all relevant information for each device in the template. Make sure the following columns are populated:

    • Enter the Device Serial Number provided by Intel.
    • Verify that Android is listed at the Device Platform.

    Enter serial numbers with double quotation marks (ex: "123456") to avoid truncating the values. Truncated values will cause devices to be blacklisted by AirWatch MDM.

    Three sample users are added to the top of the template to be used as a reference for the type of information intended to be placed in each column. To register a device, make sure that column X (User Only Registration) is set to No. To register an additional device to the same user account, make sure that all information in columns A through W is the same. The remaining columns are used to register each additional device. To store advanced registration information, make sure that column AF (Store Advanced Device Info) is set to Yes.

  6. Save the completed template as a .CSV file, return to the AirWatch Console, select Choose File from the Batch Import Form and select the completed .CSV file.
  7. Select Save to complete registration for all listed users and corresponding devices.