AirWatch gives administrators several remote actions and options for managed devices. However, when devices are employee-owned, those employees may want to access similar management tools for their own use. The AirWatch SSP provides a means for employees to utilize some key MDM tools without any IT involvement. If you enable it, end users can launch the SSP in a web browser and access key MDM support tools. You can also enable or disable the displays of information and the ability to perform remote actions from the SSP.

End users can perform remote actions over-the-air to the selected device from within the Self Service Portal. The selected device's available actions in the SSP, which vary based on platform and action permissions, are determined by your administrator. Allowed actions are split between Basic Actions and Advanced Actions on the main access page.

Action permissions are determined by the administrator, therefore device users may not be able to perform all listed actions. See the applicable VMware AirWatch Platform Guide, available on AirWatch Resources.