Add files to the AirWatch Managed Content repository by manually uploading and configuring them in the AirWatch Console. The repository stores its content in the AirWatch database by default, and syncs with the VMware Content Locker app, delivering content to end users' devices.

To upload files:

  1. Navigate to Content > List View.
  2. Select Add Content and choose Select Files.
  3. Select an individual file for upload from the dialog.

  4. Configure content Info settings.
    Setting Description
    Name Review the file name that automatically populates in this field.
    Organization Group Review the organization group to which this content deploys.
    File Review the file that automatically populates in this field.
    Storage Type Ensure that the field displays AirWatch Managed.
    Version Ensure that the version number is 1.0 since you are adding this content to the AirWatch Console for the first time. You can upload new versions from the Action menu in the AirWatch Managed List View.
    Description Provide a description of the file(s) you upload.
    Importance Set the content importance as High, Normal, or Low.
    Category Map the uploaded content to a configured Category.
  5. Provide additional metadata about content in the Details settings.
    Setting Description
    Author Name the author of the file.
    Notes Provide notes on the file.
    Subject Provide a subject.
    Keywords List keywords and topics that this file covers.
  6. Configure content. For more information, see Configure Repository Details.