Configure Security, Assignment, and Deployment details to ensure content in the AirWatch Managed and Corporate File Server repositories remain secure.

  1. Complete the fields on the Security tab to control how end users share and move sensitive documents outside of corporate mediums.

    Setting Description
    Document Sharing It is recommended that you disable the sharing settings for maximum security. You can enable them for configuring end user collaboration.
    Access Control Set to Allow Offline Viewing to give end users the most viewing freedom for their document. Configure Allow Online Viewing Only to ensure that all devices accessing content are compliant, as AirWatch cannot scan offline devices for compliance.
    Force Encryption Select to force documents to open in the VMware Content Locker.
    Open in Email Allow content to open in emails.
    Allow Open in Third Party Apps Give permission to open this content in other applications. You can set a list of approved apps in the SDK Profile.
    Allow Saving to Other Repositories Select to allow your end users to save this file to their Personal Content.
    Enable Watermark Select to add a watermark overlay to the file.

    Configure the Overlay Text for the watermark as part of an SDK profile.

    Allow Printing

    Give end users permission to print PDF documents from the iOS VMware Content Locker using AirPrint server. Once printed, content falls out of the control of the AirWatch Administrator.

    Allow Edit This setting only applies to write-enabled repositories.
  1. Configure the Assignment settings to control which users have access to content. This function ensures that only authorized employees have access to confidential or sensitive material and allows you to set up a tiered hierarchy of content access.

    Setting Description
    Device Ownership Define as Any, Corporate-Dedicated, Corporate-Shared, Employee Owned or Undefined.
    Organization Groups Start typing in the field to assign the content to a new group.
    User Groups Designate groups if you are integrating with Directory Services or custom user groups.
  1. Use the Deployment settings to control how and when your end users access content.

    Setting Description
    Transfer Method Specify Any method or Wi-Fi Only from the drop-down menu. Restricting transfers to Wi-Fi forces devices to check in with AirWatch to ensure compliance.
    Download While Roaming Enable to allow your end users to download content while roaming.
    Download Type

    Set to deploy content one of two ways:

    • Automatically – Installs on devices as soon as content becomes available.
    • On Demand – Installs on devices only at the end user's request.
    Download Priority Define to let your end users know if the content download is Normal, High or Low priority.

    Select to flag content as required in the VMware Content Locker. End users must download and review required content in order for their devices to maintain compliance with AirWatch.

    Effective Date Specify to configure a limited range of content availability.
    Expiration Date Specify to configure a limited range of content availability.
  1. Select Save.