AirWatch offers several ways to revoke managed distribution codes so that you can reuse them. You can manually revoke codes or the system revokes codes in response to you deleting or unassigning another system component like organization groups, sTokens, and smart groups.

See what methods are available to you to revoke your managed distribution codes for reuse.



Organization Group Delete an OG and AirWatch makes the distribution codes available for reuse.
User Unenroll all devices from a user. If another device does not use the unassigned managed distribution code, then the AirWatch Console revokes it so that it is available for reuse.

Revoke the code manually off the device.

You can use the manual method only for those codes that are redeemed from an external system. This method is useful for adopting these codes into AirWatch.

VPP Asset Delete VPP assets from the AirWatch Console. Once deleted, the code is available for reuse after the scheduler task runs.
sToken Delete the sToken. AirWatch makes all associated codes available for reuse.
Unassign Unassign an asset from a user. If that license is not used by anyone else, AirWatch revokes the distribution code.
Smart Group Delete a managed distribution device user from a smart group. If that license is not used by anyone else, AirWatch revokes the distribution code.

AirWatch makes codes available immediately after revoking or at a scheduled interval depending on the interval you set in the scheduler task, VPP revoke licenses. Find the scheduler task in Groups & Settings > All Settings > Admin > Scheduler.

For an outline of the support for the managed distribution method by Apple IDs, see Managed Distribution by Apple IDs Overview.